1978 Ford Ranger F100 Restoration And Conversion To A Lariat Edition (Part 1) – San Diego, California

Over the past several months I’ve been helping to restore a 1978 Ford Ranger F100. When finished it will be converted to Lariat Edition. This is the first time I have restored a vehicle that is this new. At least newer than a 1970 Ford. Surprisingly, parts are being reproduced for this truck, but many of the Lariat related parts are not available. The paint and body work has been done by Custom Auto Body in Kearny Mesa, California. They did a frame off Rotisserie restoration on the body. They have been patiently waiting for the completed powder coated frame to come back, so they can mount the body back on it. The longest hold up so far have been the 4 wheel disc brakes. No one really makes a bolt on kit for this truck. Luckily Stainless Steel Brakes had a slotted rotor upgrade kit for the front, and a rear drum to disc conversion kit for the rear. After the body, shop I will install all the restored interior parts back into the truck. Every interior metal part has been powder coated, and all original parts have been restored or replaced.  The customer had been lucky enough to find the correct interior upholstery fabric, but finding patterns have been difficult. The Lariat upholstery will be done by Arjay’s Upholstery in Kearny Mesa, California. When this project is done, I will have had more research in parts than any other car or truck that I have restored. This due not because of its rarity, but because of its lack of popularity. Check back for more pictures throughout the restoration.

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2 Responses to “1978 Ford Ranger F100 Restoration And Conversion To A Lariat Edition (Part 1) – San Diego, California”

  1. VCA says:

    Can’t wait to see how this truck restoration project turns out. Any estimates on a possible time frame when it might be finished if everything goes as well as possible?

  2. inlinesix says:

    Right now it is at the body shop to put the body parts back on the frame. Afterwards, I haver to put all the exterior trim back on, and then put all the new interior back in. Then, the driveline needs to go back in. Maybe by the end of the year it will be finished

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