1967-1968 Ford Mustang Re-Chromed Vent Windows Rebuild and Installation

Vent windows on 1965-1966 thru 1967-1968 Mustangs are more than a small window to let fresh air in. They are an integral part of the door’s glass alignment. The vent window acts as the forward track, and they have adjusters to slightly tilt the glass in or out. If done incorrectly the glass can bind, or the pot metal vent frames can break. These frames were out of a 67-68 Mustang, and were re-chromed. As you can see by the pictures that there are a lot of parts to go back together. The first adjustment is at the base of the vent frame, and is done before re-installing the vent assemblies back in the doors. The vent glass is adjusted for the smoothest opening and closing operation. Before re-installing the frames, it is a good idea to run taps in all the bolt holes especially the ones on the chromed frame itself.  Chrome gets into the holes, and will cause cross threading.  Once the vent assemblies are carefully installed the adjuster screws have to be adjusted. This is done to get the glass to seal up against the roof rail weather-stripping, and so the glass rolls up and down easily. The rear tracks have to be adjusted to work with the front vent tracks, so the windows do not bind.  More often than not, the adjusters are installed wrong, and adjustment can’t be made correctly. The pictures show properly installed adjusters.  Also, the vent windows can be tilted forward and aft to get the proper gap to the glass’s edge, and seal against the weather-stripping.  Sound simple enough?

Scott Drake Parts List

  • Vent Seal Right  (Part # C7ZZ-6521448-AR)
  • Vent Seal Left  (Part# C7ZZ-6521448-AR)
  • Vent Window To Door Seals   (Part#C7ZZ-6522332/3)
  • Front Door Glass Run Inserts   (Part# C7ZZ-6521546/7A)
  •  Vent Window Frame To Door Seals (Part# C6OZ-6322280)
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