Replacing And Repairing Window Regulators On 1964 1/2 – 1973 Ford Mustangs – San Diego,Ca

Is your Classic Mustang’s window regulators giving you problems? The causes are usually broken window track rollers, or a broken window regulators.  Over the years, the design has become more modular. Ford did away with the separate scissor and regulator assembles in 1966 for the Mustangs. Also, the window track rollers were integrated to the window regulator beginning in 1967, so window roller failure is rare from then on.  Explaining how to replace a window regulator is sometimes hard to do. The regulator comes out and goes back in only one way, but can get caught in the process. The most important thing to remember is that the number one premature failure of window regulators are improper adjustments on the up and down movement of the door glass itself. With the regulator out, the glass should fall freely into the door. Don’t actually do that, or you may damage something.  I’ve services 45-year-old regulators, and they worked almost as good as new.  If your window regulator ever gets suddenly stuck, then do not try to force it. Once you strip the regulator gear, you have to replace it. I can usually get them free, and make adjustments and lubricate them back to working condition. If I feel that there is too much play in the window regulator, I will recommend a new one. There is no sense in paying for labor twice!  While I’m inside your doors, I will check and lubricate all other moving parts such as the latch mechanisms.  Removing the card board backed door panels can get damaged by removing them too many times.  Taking your time and patient are keys to working on Classic Cars.

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