1965 Ford Mustang Rally Pac Color Change And Red LED Lighting Conversion – San Diego, Ca

Just finished working on a 1965 Mustang Rally Pac. The customer wanted a color change from the stock black wrinkle finish to a white wrinkle finish, and the lights changed to a red LED illumination. I started off with a beautiful reproduction 1965 Rally Pac from Scott Drake. Taking these apart is a delicate operation.  All the wiring and gauge internals are sharing a compact space.  If you don’t have delicate hands or patience, I do not recommend taking these a part. Since the Rally Pac has modern internals, I took pictures during the process, so I would insure that everything went back together the same way. The trickiest part was trying to find Red LED lights. These days, most automotive light bulbs have a LED equivalent.  The light bulbs on an original Rally Pac are 1895s, but the reproduction unit were miniature bulbs with no number on it. The bulbs were manufactured by a company in India called AutoPac.  I went to their site, and they had no information on them.  I ended trying a few different LED styles that would  fit inside the housings, and that had the most even illumination. I ended up using cut-to-fit LED tape, and it worked awesome. After I bench tested it, I carefully re-assembled the Rally Pac. Now this Rally Pac is ready for installation.

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