Replacing The Printed Circuit On The Back Of A 1969-1970 Mustang Instrument Cluster – San Diego, CA

If you ever had to pull the instrument gauge panel out of a 60’s Ford,  you had to remember where all the wires plugged back into. Starting in 1969, Ford started using integrated circuitry on the back of the instrument gauges.  Thin copper strips were laminated between two sheet of thin clear plastic, so it could easily contour on the back of the instrument housing.  After 40 years, they delaminate, and get damaged by moisture. Also, they can easily short out by pinched wires from taking them in and out of the Mustang’s dash over the years.  Luckily, the printed instrument circuits are reproduced for the 69-70 Mustangs.  This particular 69 Mustang had all of the above issues.  There were signs of delaminating, but that was not the ultimate fate of the instrument panel.  There were some wires that got pinched between the dash brace and the printed circuit. You can see by the pictures that this happened in a few spots.  Before re-installing the instrument cluster with the new printed circuit, I checked all the dash wiring for shorts.  Also, I had to replace a bad heater motor, so the lower metal dash panel had to be patricianly removed too.  Removing the dash can be time consuming, so you only want to do it once.  I did find one wire that had burned nearly through the entire harness, and had to be replace it. Luckily, it did not damage any of the neighboring wires. Once the instrument cluster was bench tested, I re-installed everything, and the instruments gauges worked as good as new.

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