Getting Your Classic Mustang, Falcon and Cougar Ready For The Summer – Preventative Maintenance – San Diego, Ca

As I’m getting a 1970 Mach 1 ready for the summer with a Vintage Air conditioning system, I started to think of what other things that can be done do to get your Mustang ready summer.  When we think of lube and oil and filter, a lot of us think of the chassis and engine only. There are many other areas that need it too, but are often over looked. Does you convertible top go up and down smoothly?  Is it noisy, or hard to latch? There are a lot of moving parts that can get damaged if you don’t maintain your top. Do you have a hard time opening and closing your hood at the car shows? The springs put a lot of tension on the hood hinges. If you don’t keep them lubed and adjusted, they will become stiff and bind. If you hood pops up in the rear, it means that they’re already worn out. Some of them can be adjusted to compensate for the wear. Also, just because your car is old does not mean that slamming your hood is not normal. That can be corrected with proper adjustments and lubrication as well. Doors are another area to be looked at. Doors are the number one repairs that I do. If your door closes hard, that can cause all kinds of damage to your door. You can cause cracks on the door latch areas, or even break the adjustment arm at the bottom of you vent window frame. It can also cause your door glass to get out of adjustment over time. Speaking of door glass. If it is difficult to roll your window up and down, then adjustment and lubriction can prevent replacing the regulator. Also, if you can move your door up and down by lifting up on the rear, the hinges pins bushings are worn out. That can cause damage to you latches, and even cause visible damage to the door itself.  Another area to keep lubed and adjusted are your seat tracks. If it is hard to adjust your seat, then they need to lubricated too. If you let them go to long, then the plastic guides can wear out, and will need repair or replacement.

Although we live in one of the sunniest areas in the country, we still get surprised by sudden down pour of rain. If you been to a lot of car shows, then you probably had to race back to your car to close everything during a rainstorm at least once. I’ve seen many beautiful Fords with worn out weather stripping. If the rubber has shrunken, hardened, or cracked, water will find its way in. Trunks are the number one area for leaking, and many show cars have really nice trunks with stereo equipment inside. If your weather-stripping needs to be replaced, those areas may have to be readjusted too.

Sometime we get so busy shining our Mustangs for the summer, that we forget about the small stuff. I can help you get you Classic Mustang in winning shape. I have a great eye for detail, and can evaluate your car, and fix those areas in order of importance. You can prevent more expensive repairs by catching all of these issues early. Give me at Classic Resto Garage a call today at (619)929-8506, or email me at

See you at the car shows, and happy cruising!

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