1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1 With Factory Air Conditioning – Vintage Air Conversion – San Diego, Ca

The summer is just around the corner, and we’re getting ready to cruise our Classic Cars. Wouldn’t be great to stay cool with a modern Air Conditioning system. I Just finished up a Vintage Air install on a beautiful 1970 Mach 1 with a 351 Cleveland engine. This Mustang already had a factory air conditioning system that was left idle years ago. The customer wanted to assist with the installation, so he started off with changing out the AC condenser and dryer. While he took care of the under hood part of the installation, I took care of the under dash components. Vintage Air makes a compact system, but it still takes some work to get it up under the dash. For 69-70 Mustangs, the entire dash has to be unbolted and removed. Once it is removed, everything is accessible. The new system integrates with the factory vents and controls. They provide vent hose adapters to hook up with the old vents. The original vents are brittle, so great care has to be taken when installing the adapters. The original heater controls were operated by a cable and vacuum ports. The new kit comes with an electronic conversion, and is later calibrated to the original levers. Another feature of the AC kit is that Vintage Air does not install the AC hose fittings on the compressor ends anymore. The older hoses were sometimes hard to get started with the ends already on. Now you can mock them up with the ends pointing in the right direction, and have your local AC shop crimp them with the proper tool. Before I re-installed the dash, I checked all the original wiring and any other issues that might have needed repair. You only want to remove the dash once. A couple days later, the customer had an AC shop charge up the system. The new Air Conditioning worked great, and is ready for summer cruising. Vintage Air makes a system for just about any popular Classic Car and Hotrod out there. If you’re interested in doing the same to your Classic Car, give Classic Resto Garage a call at 619-929-8506, or email me at david@classicrestogarage.com. Happy Cruising!

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