Repairing 1965-1966 Mustang Pony Door Panels, And Installing 1967 Mustang Deluxe Door Panels – San Diego, California

The Pony and Deluxe interior decor groups are the most popular interior options for Classic Mustangs.  Before I get into the article, here is a quick education on these interior options.  For 1965-1966 Mustangs, the interiors were called Pony, and they have galloping ponies in the upper seat panels. For 1967 Mustangs, the interiors were called Deluxe, and Ford started using chrome rectangular buttons on the upper seat panels.  All the Classic Mustang interiors after 1967 were called Deluxe.

Pony and Deluxe door panels are harder to install, and take more care when removing and re-installing than standard door panels. The two enemies are moisture, and improper removal. Ford used paper water shields to try to protect the door panels from moisture. If you’re going 100% concourse, then you should replace them with the stock water shields. If you want better protection, then use a heave clear plastic like they use in newer cars. Improper door panel removal causes the most damage. You have to get directly behind the clips with a non-scratching clip removal tool. Even then, you have to be careful not to tear the cardboard backings. If they get damaged, I can usually repair them. The one thing you want to avoid is drilling holes through the outer stainless moldings to aid in re-attach them to the door. Please Don’t Drill! New molding are expensive!

If your replacing worn door panels or converting to Pony or Deluxe interior, they take careful preparation. First you have to make sure the new panels are flat or slightly bowed towards the door.  If they are bowed outward, they will be very difficult to install, and paint damage may result. Then, the moldings have to be removed off of the old panels without bending them, and installed onto the new panels with care as well. Some trimming of the edges of the new door panels may need to be done before installing the moldings. Lastly, carefully install the door panel clips in the exact location as the old ones. Pre-fitting the door panels a few times will be necessary, and using the correct clips are very important. The clips are different for the standard panels and Pony/Deluxe panels.  If the clips are not correct, you will bend them or tear the new cardboard backings. Good preparation and patience are key to a good restoration.  If you need assistance or help, you can call Classic Resto Garage at 619-929-8506 or email

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