Rebuilding Door Hinges And Window Regulators On A 1960 Mercury Comet 4 Door Sedan, Part 1 – San Diego, California

Just started working on a 1960 Mercury Comet 4 door Sedan. The customer wants to rebuild all the door internals, and repaint the interior parts of doors. The driver’s door needed the most attention so far. The door hinges and window regulator need to be rebuilt. When the lower door hinge springs breaks, the door can get damaged when it swings open to far. When rebuilding the hinges, I like to remove them off of the car. Sometimes, hinge pins can be replace on the car, but there is a risk of damaging the paint. The hinges needed a complete rebuild, so the hinges had to come off of the car. Once the hinges are removed,  the old pins and brass bushing have to be knocked out. Sometimes they come out easily, but not this time. If the pins break flush in the hinges, they will be harder to get out. These took some work, but they turned out great. I always make it a practice to run a tap and die down all the threads. It does not take much to strip old rusty bolts. I re-installed the door on an incline, and the door stayed open like when it was new.

      The window regulators are not available for the 1960-1963 4 door Falcons or 4 door Comets, but there is a rebuild kit for them. The shaft wears out the small gear housing, and then they become sticky. The kit consists of a window regulator handle shaft, gear, and housing with a spring inside. They used to make just a bushing, but they usually caused more damage after installing them.  They are a little tricky to rebuild, but if successful they work good as new. If a new regulator is available for your vehicle, buy a new one. The rebuild kit is cheap, but the labor is more than installing a new window regulator. The next step will be stripping and painting the front doors. Then rebuilding the vent windows, and re-installing the new weather-stripping. Be sure to check out the finished doors.

Happy Cruising!

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