1965 Ford Mustang Convertible Carpet Installation And Dash Pad Installation – San Diego, California

     Have you ever tried to get a bunch of last-minute things done on your Mustang before a car show, and wished you had some help?  Well, help is just a phone call away. One of my customers needed some installation help the day before the Good Guys Car Show in Del Mar, California. While he was installing some trim, I installed his Carpet kit from Auto Custom Carpets (ACC) and Dash Pad from Dashes Direct.

      When you first take the molded Carpet out of the box, it is the shape of the box. A warm sunny will help flatten it out. Another thing you may notice is that it’s not a perfectly snug fit. A heat gun, and some trimming will insure a great fit. I also use high heat adhesive to help keep the corners snug, but the carpet can still be removed safely later if needed.  A great thing about these Carpets is that they melt except in the event of a fire of course. Any cuts or holes that I make in the Carpet are melted with a soldering iron. This makes for perfect holes, and no fraying. Did you know that the factory installed Carpet Screws near the corners of the transmission tunnel ? Before drilling any holes through the Carpet, I melt guide holes first. If it is not done first, you can destroy a foot of Carpet in the blink of an eye. If your installing new Sill Plates and Kick Panels, some pre-fitting will be required to ensure a good fit. New Sill Plate holes almost never line up, so some patience and the right tools would be a good idea. If you can afford buying the Concourse Sill Plates, I would recommend those over the cheaper ones. They are the same heavy gauge metal as the originals, and will not look like crumpled aluminum foil in a year. The new Kick Panels will have no holes, so careful measuring and drilling will be needed  as well. Some of the improved Kick Panels have re-enforced areas around the screw holes, but I would not rely on the accuracy of the holes. Remember these holes were drilled by hand on the assembly line. The carpet installation went great with the exception of one of the Kick Panels. The customer bought them a year ago, and did not realize that he was sent two right hands. Running into some snags comes with the job, but I never ran into that issue before. The next installation was the new Dash Pad.

     Most of the dashes are molded with extra material that can be trimmed for a perfect fit. They will require a couple a pre fits before final installation. Having a warm and pliable dash will be very helpful. There will be some holes to be drilled and some notching before installation. I practice the “measure twice, cut once” method. I may even go three times. If you are installing a 1966 Mustang Dash Pad, you may want  to be very careful when drilling the lower mounting holes. If you miss the metal re-enforcements, the drill will follow an unwanted path. I have also replaced and repaired new dashes because they were installed improperly. Some customers do not realize that there is trim holding down the Dash Pad.  Forgetting the trim will result in it looking like a Banana in a few months.

If you need pre-show assistance please call 619-929-8506, or email me at david@classicrestogarage.com.

Happy Cruising!


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