1965 Ford Mustang Air Conditioning Box Restoration

Just finished restoring the Air Conditioning Box on the 1965 Mustang restoration. The casing on the box is the same material as the heater box, but the internals are very delicate. To get a factory looking appearance on the casing I carefully sand blast the case. Afterwards, I spray clear coat to bring the color back to a factory looking finish. The internal wiring and switches are not available, so careful cleaning was the only option. Also, the wiring and the thermostat probe are routed through the AC evaporator core. Kind of strange how they did that, but it is very compact inside. The reproduction evaporator is more dense, so I had to slightly re-route the thermostat probe and wiring. A few weeks earlier, I had the AC Bezel re-chromed, and then I re-painted it with the factory Argent spray paint. Next, I installed new AC Vent Registers. Since the emblem and knobs were in good shape, I hand painted the markings on them. To get clean lines on the front bezel, emblem and knobs, I use a rag and carburetor cleaner, and lightly wipe off the over spray. It’s a great trick to do on parts like those. Do you know how hard it would be to mask off the those tiny parts? After refinishing all the parts, the two halves of the box have to be carefully sandwiched together. All the internals have to fall in together just right. One last tip. Whenever a screw or bolt sits directly on the casing, I use a washer to spread out the clamping force. These boxes are a little brittle after 40 plus years. Hey, I just realized that the Coin Tray is missing, I will have to order it tomorrow.

Scott Drake Parts List:

  • 65-66 AC Evaporator Core – C5ZZ-19860-A
  • AC Box Condensation Drain Hose – C8TZ-19858-A
  • AC Vent Registers – C3AZ-19A671-A
  • AC Vent Registers Clips – C3AZ-19A683-K
  • AC Under Dash Wiring Feed – C5ZZ-19800-ACF
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