Installing RCD’s Classics Bilstein Shocks on my 1966 Ford Mustang

Well, it was time to replace my worn front KYB gas shocks on my 1966 Ford Mustang. They were over 13 years old, and had barely any rebound left. Back then KYB’s self adjusting shocks were popular for classic Mustangs, but they were a little harsh for some applications. A self adjusting shock means that it can fit many applications, but that it is not always the case. The biggest complaints were that the shocks would blow out because they would not react well to rougher terrain. They had a lag time to changing road conditions. For the last four years, I have been selling RCD’s Classics Bilstein Shocks, and I’ve had a great response from the Classic car owners.  I had a set sitting in my garage for over a year, and it was time to install them. I had a chance to see  Steve Duck, from Race Car Dynamics, demonstrate how Bilstein Shocks work compared to other shocks. They’re built using a simple digressive piston design that allows for tuning of both compression and rebound.  This means that the Bistein Shocks are designed for your specific application. They’re also built using a durable Mono Tube design for added strength. You’ll also notice that the top shock mounts have specific holes unlike slotted mounts, so the shocks  will be centered correctly. You can see what I mean from the pictures I’ve posted. Now, I have to replace my rear shock as well.

RCD's Classic Bilstein Shocks

Installation Photo Gallery

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