Installing Deluxe Door Courtesy Lights On A 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Conversion – San Diego, Calirfornia

JBA has a pair of 1969 Mustangs in for some work. The customer must like 1969s because he owns one of each model. While the JBA technicians were handling the mechanical issues, I was called in to take care of a few restoration repairs and add-ons. This particular 1969 Mustang Fastback is being converted to a Mach 1. The customer had purchased the door courtesy light harnesses from JBA, and wanted them installed. I wouldn’t really call these harnesses “plug and play”. If you want the installation to look factory, then you have to drill some very large holes in the doors and door jambs. Ford began drilling very large holes in preparation for larger plugs. Today’s cars have a lot more wires that require large plugs, so I can see the reason for it. Ford was a little ambitious back in 1969. They used a 2 1/8 inch and 1 1/2 inch grommet for only four wires. What were they thinking?
To do this, the doors have to be carefully removed to get a clean shot at drilling the holes. Ford punched dimples in all cars with or without door courtesy lights. It showed whomever was working on the car where to drill. The only drill that is used is a 1/8 inch drill to make a guide hole. After that, a hole saw is required. This is where you need a sharp hole saw, and go very slow when cutting. After I made the holes, I de-burr them with a Dremel, so the grommets go in easier. Since, I like to do things once, I replaced both upper door hinge bushing and pins while the doors were off. The bushings were cracked and worn through. I did an online search for good pictures of the 1969 Mustang door courtesy light harnesses in the door jambs, but could not find anything. I don’t think you’ll find any as detailed as these.

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