Installing A New Dash Pad, Instrument Bezel And Dash Panels On A 1967-1968 Ford Mustang – San Diego, California

     Classic car dashes come in all shape, size and colors. They are the part of the interior that we see the most, and are the most decorative part of the interior. Some are very simple, but are still nice to look at just the same. The more complicated looking dashes are, the more time consuming they are to restore. As for Mustangs, the 1967-1968 Mustang dashes take the most time to restore. The dash panels are made of plastic, so great care needs to be taken when fitting them up against the dash pad. If your replacing the dash pad, you have to do several test fits through the assembly process. Do not expect the new dash panels and new dash pad to just go right in. You’ll find they don’t go together easily, and will look misaligned the first time. I always get them to fit great, but I will do some trimming and shimming in the process.
     I first pre-fit the dash pads two or three times, and trim them to get the best fit. If you’re replacing the plastic panels too, they have to be prepped before fitting them. They are attached by special self-tapping nuts. Before fitting the dash panels, I carefully heat the dash with a heat gun. This ensures that the panels do not snap in two, or the studs don’t break off on the backings. Once the main panel is installed above the glove box, I then start to pre-fit and align the smaller panels. That is where most of the aligning needs to done. The last parts of the dash to go together are the instrument bezel cluster and heater/ac control panel. I think the 1967-1968 Mustang dashes are the most beautiful of all Classic Mustang dashes. Don’t you?

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