1965 Ford Mustang Coupe – Door Re-assembly, And Weather Stripping Installation After Painting – San Diego, California

     It’s been almost a month since I’ve posted any projects. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had any time. It’s been a fun couple of weeks working on different projects. I’ve been to Oceanside, Tierrasanta, La Mesa, Escondido, and as far as Dana Point, California. I’ve been helping this customer freshen up his 1965 Mustang over the past couple of months. We’ve broken into small projects. I first re-painted his dash, and installed a new dash pad. Next, I installed a new carpet. This time around, the customer had his door jambs and doors re-painted. I re-assembled the doors, installed new weather stripping, and re-adjusted the doors and quarter glass. Afterwards, he will re-install the rest of the interior panels and trim.
     Whenever you replace the door and roof rail weather stripping, re-adjusting all the side glass are usually needed. After years of opening and closing the doors against the old weather stripping, the doors tend to come out of adjustment. I like to get all the gaps tight, but allow for the windows to roll up into the weather stripping as best as possible. Also, the Pony Door Panels received new outer trim, and a needed a little adjusting too. When installing new Deluxe Door Panels or trim, don’t expect them to just pop right on. If you try installing them right away, you’ll probably have a hard time, and my even cause damage in the process. The door panels require some trimming, so the stainless trim fits snug. Notice that the new door panel water shields are made out of clear plastic, and not the original wax backed paper. They are like ones used on newer cars. This allows you to see how well they are sealing, and will last longer too. Nice improvement! He’s looking forward to installing his new Billet Hood Pins from Scott Drake during the next visit.

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Happy Cruising!

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