Installing Autometer Instrument Gauges From JME Enterprises In A 1968 Ford Mustang Coupe – San Diego, California

     Back in the 80’s and early 90’s, there weren’t many options when it came to restoring a Classic Mustang. If you wanted your Mustang to hold value, you went concourse correct.  If you wanted to customize your Mustang, you either had to cut and weld, or make hard to reverse changes. Today, there are so many bolt-on parts to make your Mustang any way you want, and can increase the value if the right parts are chosen, and are installed professionally. There are Billet parts, Carbon Fiber panels, Digital this and Digital that, but are they right for your car. You first have to look at the exterior and interior lines of your Mustang. Customize and personalize it any why you want, but it should look like it belongs there.

     I recently installed an Autometer Instrument Gauge Panel from JME Enterprises, in a 1968 Mustang Coupe, at  JBA Speed Shop in San Diego, California. The Customer had Dakota Digital Gauges in the car already, so why did he need an upgrade?  Beginning in 1967, Ford starting using larger round gauge faces set in a heavily contoured chrome instrument bezel. These instrument bezels  are beautiful on their own. Rectangular digital displays just don’t follow the shape of the factory gauges. I’m not trying knocking Dakota Digital. They make great gauges, but they look better in a slimmer, less round instrument bezel like in the early Chevy Impalas or a Custom Hotrod.

     JME Enterprise makes plug and play instrument gauges for all the Classic Mustangs, and the kit comes with new sensors, and different color light filters. They use the stock plugs, and a stock instrument bezels. They also manufacture Billet bezels with several Autometer gauge options.  The Dakota Digital gauges have a box to control the gauges, and has to be integrated with the stock electrical harness. Luckily, I had to only repair a couple of wires when I removed the control box. Once the electrical was back to stock, the new gauges were plugged in, and the new oil and temperature senders were installed. Don’t forget to swap your windshield wiper switch to the new gauges. That’s the only part that is not provided in the kit. Since the digital gauges used an electrical signal for the speedo,  the sensor had to be replaced with a stock speedometer cable.  After the installation was finished, the engine was fired up to test the new gauges. At a later time, the rest of the lower dash panels will be covered with matching Brushed Aluminum Panels from JME as well.

If you would like to upgrade your Classic Mustang’s instument gauges, then give Classic Resto Garage a call at a 619-929-8506, or fill the contact form.

Happy Cruising!


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