1978 Ford Ranger F100 Restoration And Conversion To A Lariat Edition (Part 3) – San Diego, California

     The 1978 Ford Lariat restoration-conversion is coming along, and is starting to look like a stock Lariat Edition. All the distinctive Lariat exterior trim and emblems are on. All the aftermarket side moldings went on fairly easy, except the left bed molding. After fighting with it, and installing a second molding, I discovered it was a 1/2 inch too long. I ended up trimming it to fit. That is nature of aftermarket parts. They do not always just bolt on perfect.  Also,  the new or restored door latch parts are back in the doors, and working like new. I plan on installing the door glass and vent windows next week, and then install the new door panels.

     The under dash area has been re-installed. No one makes the electrical or most of the air conditioning parts, so I spent numerous hours photographing and restoring each part. I un-wrapped all the wiring, inspected and repaired where necessary. All the metal AC parts were powder coated, and the AC box was blasted and clear coated. Since, there are no gaskets available, I had to source the material, and cut it to fit. When anyone asks me why I take so many pictures, this is why. There were over two dozen moving AC parts that went in a certain way. I took it apart, and put it back together months later. As I re-assemble the interior, I will be installing Dynamat under every panel to get it as quiet as possible. The new 351 Windsor and transmission should me going in soon as well.

Restoration Part 2

Restoration Part 1

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