2010 Fabulous Fords Forever

2010 Fabulous Fords Forever hosted another great Car Show for the Ford Enthusiasts at Knotts Berry Farm.  This year, I cruised my 1966 Ford Mustang along side a blue 1965 Ford Mustang owned by my friend Mike. Along the way, we shared the road with Fords dating as far back as the 1920’s. Even though the attendance was lower than past years, there seemed to be a few more Ford Six Cylinders then usual. Although the show honored the Ford Falcons, I did not take my 1962 Ford Falcon this year. Also, this was the first all-day car show that I’ve taken my 5 year daughter to.  I have tested the limits of a 5 year old’s attention span. I think we will stick with the cruise nights for a while. They’re much shorter.

2010 Fabulous Fords Forever

2010 Fabulous Fords Forever Photo Album

Cruising to Fabulous Fords Forever along side my friend’s 1965 Ford Mustang – Video

Cruising back to San Diego along side a 1970 Boss 302 Mustang and 1965 Ford Mustang – Video

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