Replacing The Electrical System On A 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe (Part 3) – San Diego, California

     I just finished part three of a complete electrical system replacement on a 1966 Ford Mustang.  The first part was replacing all the under hood electrical, and the second part was the under dash electrical. The radio and emergency flasher were left from  the under dash area, so I finished those during this visit. The radio mounting area was slightly cut to accommodate the aftermarket radio, and she wanted to replace the old tape deck radio.

     I recommended Custom Autosound’s USA66 factory looking radio that features IPod, MP3 and CD capabilities. 1965 thru 1966 Mustangs did not have a removable radio face plate, so unfortunately they were cut to fit other radios. They make replacement radio patch panels, but they are costly to replace. The dash has to come apart, and repainted afterwards. I discovered an alternative by using a 1965-1966 factory radio delete plate, and making a radio face plate out of it. However, it will not work for dashes that were cut for CD radios. One last thing to note, the radio will not fit flush with the outside surface of the radio delete plate, but still is a pretty good stock appearing altenative . I also installed Custom Autosound’s Dual Voice Coil (DVC) in-dash speaker for better sound over the stock paper cone speaker. More speakers can be added later, and can be done without cutting any additional holes. The last thing left on the dash area was the emergency flasher. The back of the flasher switch broke off, and the internals were long gone. After doing one last electrical check on the dash, I moved onto the door courtesy light harnesses and tail light harness.

     The door light harnesses have been repaired a few times and were brittle. The harnesses have to be able to flex a lot in the door jamb area, and when they don’t, they break. Fortunately, they still had all the original harness clips. Without the clips, the harness could get caught in the window regulator. The last parts were replacing the tail light harness, and the remaining  part of the old alarm system in the trunk.  Originally, I recommended replacing the turn signal, back-up lights, and tail lights when the Mustang gets repainted, but a couple of light bulb sockets were too rusted out. I will have to make one last visit on the electrical. After that, the owner will get the brakes and transmission checked out, and have some new tires installed. Then she can enjoy it for the summer before doing any of the cosmetic work done.

Electical System Part 1

Electical System Part 2

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