1969 Ford Mustang Convertible – Replacing The Main Under Dash Electrical Harness – San Diego, California

I just finished installing a main under dash harness on a 1969 Ford Mustang Convertible for JBA Speed Shop in Kearny Mesa, California. Their customer’s original harness had several cut wires, and had a few bad repairs, so it was time to replace it. The electrical is the most important system in your Classic Mustang, and great care should be taken when replacing it. When installing a reproduction harness, you should never assume that it just “Plug and Play.”  I’ve never had problems with the wiring itself, but have had issues with the plugs not mating correctly. Most of the plugs are molded rubber with the pins inside, and sometime the pins are misaligned, and will not plug together properly.  In this case, the main firewall plug was pushing most of the pins out, and the ignition wire had pulled out of the pin inside the rubber. During the electrical system check, everything worked fine, but the engine would not start. I did a check from the ignition switch up to the neutral safety switch, and could not see anything apparently wrong.  I asked one of the JBA technicians if he could take a look at it, and he discovered the pulled ignition wire, and so he soldered it back together, and then the engine fired right off. All connection have to be closely inspected, and they all need to be checked for heat when powering up. The only electrical component left was dash clock that will be rebuilt with a new quartz movement during my next visit.

If your Classic Mustang’s electrical system is having issues, then give Classic Resto Garage a call at a 619-929-8506, or fill the contact form.

Happy Cruising!

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