1962 Chevy Belair Bubble Top – Grill And Headlight Trim Replacement – San Diego, California

If you have been visiting my blog, you’ve probably noticed a lot Ford stuff going on here. Chevy guys don’t be scared. I love all old cars, and I work on them all too. They may all look different, and have different engines under the hood, but the mechanics are pretty much are the same. This 1962 Belair Bubble Top is a fine example. Although this car was nice looking, the customer was not happy with the grill and related trim.

After closer inspection, I did noticed that nothing really fit well. The headlight trim pieces were the most noticeable. Normally on a grill that contours to the body like on this Chevy Belair, the parts should be fitted during the body work phase. Since that was not an option, I had to move some of the brackets a little, and extend some mounting tabs. It also helped that the grill trim was aluminum, and I could bend some of the pieces to form to the car better. It would nice to say that new parts bolt on, but that is not always the case. I also took in consideration that the car had some body repairs during its lifetime. I had to check all the mounting holes, and if I could not get it to line up to the car, I had to re-drill some of the holes. When the new headlight trim pieces were pre-fitted, I noticed some red oxide primer was showing, so I back masked the area, and painted it black. Part of the grill replacement were the front turn signal lens’s. Nothing too complicated about them, but I noticed some spelling errors. Notice the manufactures name is misspelled on the aftermarket replacements. Instead of “GUIDE”, it was spelled “GUODE”. ¬†When all the tweaking, aligning, and drilling was done, everything fit really well on the 62 Chevy Belair.

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Happy Cruising!

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