1956 Chevy 210 Wagon – Complete Electrical System Replacement On A – San Diego, California

Just finished replacing the entire electrical system on a beautiful 1956 Chevy 210 Wagon. The customer has been restoring the car for years, and like most owners, set it aside for awhile. He decided it was time to move on with the project, so he can start enjoying it. The old wiring was brittle, and the dash switches were full of sand from sand blasting years ago. The customer liked the idea of upgrading the wiring to a modern system, I recommended a 12 circuit system, and a headlamp relay kit from Painless Wiring.

Whenever I replace the electrical system, I recommend replacing the ignition switch, headlight switch, and door jamb switches. They are relatively inexpensive, but if the old ones fail, they can cause damage to new wiring. The new system comes with modern blade style fuse panel, and the flashers and horn relay are built into the same panel for convenience. Unlike the original harnesses, each circuit has its own fuse, and not share circuits. There are circuits for aftermarket air conditioning, electric cooling fans, and modern ignition system. Also, as a precautionary measure, it comes with a main fuse near the battery to protect the entire system. The only circuit that I had to make was the courtesy light circuit, that connects into a wire provided near the fuse panel.

I also installed a headlamp relay kit from Painless wiring. Classic cars did not come with headlamp relays, so the factory switches got hot under the load, and would cause dim, flickering headlight and dash lights. The kit normally piggy backs onto the stock headlamp harness, but since we were going with a new wiring, I integrated into the under hood wiring. Making it look seamless, and less wiring clutter.
Now the customer can move onto finishing the interior, and replacing some of the chrome. Then start having some fun driving it. Look out for a dark blue and white 1956 Chevy with True Flames.

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Happy Cruising!

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