1968 Chevy Camaro – Installing A Headiner – San Diego, California

From time to time, I like to take a walk on the wild side. I recently got involved in a restoration of a 1968 Chevy Camaro. It’s not going to be your run-of-the-mill restoration. It’s black, and it’s going to be mean. The exterior is coming along nicely, and I was asked to help get the interior in order. Working from the top, down.

The owner wanted some modern insulation, and lots of it. The interior was wallpapered with Dynamat Extreme. Then, I began stretching the new headliner in place. Unlike Fords, Chevy had a great idea for anchoring the headliner bows, so they would not flip upside down by accident. They used individual clips to snap each bow in place, and a smaller center bow that is anchored to the center. This allows for better stretching. Ford use one anchor wire for the rear bow only, so you still have to be careful not to over stretch, and flip the bows upside down. Both Fords and Chevy require the front and back glass to be out for the best installation, and to make stretching easier. The headliner on Ford Mustangs are attached to the same pinch weld as the window gaskets, but the Chevy Camaro’s use separate headliner anchor strips towards the front and rear. Be on the lookout for a Bad Looking Black 1968 Camaro at the shows.

If you own a Classic Ford or Classic Chevy, then give Classic Resto Garage a call at a 619-929-8506, or fill the contact form.

Happy Cruising!

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