1965-1966 Ford Mustang – Vintage Air Conditioning Conversion – San Diego, California

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about air conditioning systems for Classic Mustangs. I personally like the Vintage Air system. They have many years of research and design into their systems, and everyone that I’ve installed, the customers have been happy. Since 1965-1966 Mustangs came with a separate under dash mounted system, they did not have ducting or separate vents. The Vintage air system will provide ducting and under dash mounted vents. For 1967 and up, the factory did install air conditioning that was integrated into the dash with vents. You can either order up the factory a/c vents, or go with the ones provided with the Vintage air kit for a little less money. All the systems comes with a modern R134A Sanden compressor, and all neccesary brackets for mounting. Some of the kits come with a/c lines that have to have the fittings compressed on to hose at the compressor end. This gives the installer a little flexibility when routing the lines. A special tool is required to compress the fittings.

I installed a Vintage Air (Gen IV) kit on a 1966 Mustang for JBA Speed Shop in San Diego, Ca. The new the air conditioning unit is a self contained air conditioner, heater, and has a modern controlled defroster system. The entire unit does not take much more space the old heater box. You will lose a little glove box space, but comes with a new plastic replacement. A very nice feature is that the stock heater controls are used, and are converted to electronic controls. Also, the stock heater fan switch will no longer be used, but is retained for a stock appearance. The a/c lines and wiring go through were the stock heater fan was located, and the heater hoses come through the stock locations. The last modification are the horns. Both horns are mounted on the passenger side to make clearance for the a/c condenser. Before I do the final installation of the a/c unit, I bench test the system. If something does not work, it is a lot of work to pull the unit back out. Also, 65-66 Mustang dashes were not designed for ducting, and there is a lot with the kit, so a lot of time is involved in routing them. Once everything is installed, it looks like a factory system, and works great. One of the first things customers notice is how strong the new blower fan is, and they get cold fast.

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