1968 Ford Mustang Coupe Restoration Completed – Oceanside, California

Today, I just finished up a restoration on a 1968 Mustang Coupe in Oceanside, California. It was not a full restoration, but turned out to be a really nice daily driver.  The suspension and driveline remained mostly untouched with the exception of the front and rear springs and shocks. The customer replaced them himself just before I disassembled the car. The exterior had some rust issues, and some bad bondo repairs. Also, the prior owner side swiped a poll on the passenger quarter panel.  I completely restored the interior with the exception of the seats which were in good condition.

Even though, I have done enough Mustangs to know where everything goes, I still tag and bag every part, nut and bolt. Some customers like to be involved in the restorations, and they may do some parts themselves, so cataloging the parts helps them a lot. The owner of this 68 Mustang did some parts of the restoration process.  I also mark up the cars prior to going to the body shop which again benefits the customer, and also helps me go over areas that need the most attention with the body shop. I have shops that I will recommend to the customer for work that I do not do. As with the body work and paint, I will recommend one of two shops depending on the customer’s budget, and the level of the restoration. Active Auto Collision in Escondido, California handled this project. While the car is at other shops, I work closely with them, and stop by to check on the progress, and take pictures for the customer. All cars go to the body shop with the interior and exterior completely taken a part, so nothing is masked off, and any hidden issues can be addressed. Once, I get them back, I will re-assemble them. What’s unique about my service is the level of customer involvement. Most of the work is done in the comforts of their own garage, so they can work on it whenever they want to, or get new ideas throughout the process.

If your planning on getting your Classic Mustang painted and need help, then give Classic Resto Garage a call at a 619-929-8506, or fill the contact form.

Happy Cruising!

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