1967 Chevy Camaro SS – Vintage Air Conditioning Conversion – San Diego, California

Last month, I installed a Vintage Air AC Conversion kit on a 1967 Chevy Camaro SS for JBA Speed Shop in Kearny Mesa, Ca. The JBA techs installed the under hood AC components along with an Aluminum Radiator. Like all of Vintage Air Kits, they are a modern AC and Heater system that converts your existing cable control to electronic slide modules. This installation was a little different from other ones that I did. For non-air cars, they usually provide under dash mounted vents, but this kit requires drilling 2 1/2 inch holes through the dash on both ends to resemble factory Astro Air Vents. Sounds easy enough, but you have to be careful not to tear anything up on the backside of the dash while drilling. Snagging the wiring is the biggest issue. If your familiar with the heater blower motor location on Camaro’s, you’ll know how fun they are to remove. Partial removal of passenger fender is required to remove the blower and outer heater case. The Vintage Air block-off plate that goes in its place is a piece of cake because it’s flat. I recently added an AC Line Crimp Tool to my tool collection, and the techs got to break it in for me. Most of the kits come with only one end of the hosed crimped, so now I can route and crimp the ends for a complete install.

If you want to convert or upgrade your Chevy or Ford to a Modern AC system, then give Classic Resto Garage a call at a 619-929-8506, or fill the contact form.

Happy Cruising!

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