Give Your Classic Ford Mustang Some Space

There is more to a Classic  Car than just being old. The collectability, popularity, and it’s body lines are what makes a car a Collectible Classic. A true Classic Car enthusiasts appreciates the lines and angles, and how they intersect to create the look of the car. Progressing into the 60’s, a car’s shape took on a less rounded appearance, and the fins slowly receded. However, the designers of Classic Mustang still created it’s body lines and angles with a purpose. Once, they designed the Mustang’s overall shape, they had to figure out how to attach all the supporting parts and accessories. Parts that were attached on angles posed a little bit of a challenge, so they designs special spacers. These spacer allowed mounting studs to go through the panels straight while not bending or warping the metal when tightened. Over the years, many of these have gotten misplaced during servicing or replacement of  parts. They either do not get put back on, or a bunch of washers were used as a substitute.  If  you over tighten these  parts on your car’s painted surface, you will either bend the mounting hardware, or damage the paint.  During a restoration on a 1965 Ford Mustang GT, I took some pictures of some of those hidden spacers. Some of these spacers look different depending on the year. There are spacers used on your Mustang’s interior as well, but I have not started to assemble the interior yet. I will cover those later. If the spacers are missing, they are available used and some  new.  Many of these spacers are available from manufactures like Drake Automotive Group (aka Scott Drake Enterprises).

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