1966 Ford Mustang Standard Door Panels Upgrade

There is an endless supply of great aftermarket parts for your Classic Ford Mustang that allows you to make some quick and easy upgrades. I recently swapped out my door panels with 2 Tone Door Panels from TMI Products along with Satin Chrome Door Interior Handles from Scott Drake Enterprises. There was absolutely nothing wrong with my other door panels. I just wanted to make a few simple changes to the appearance of my 1966 Mustangs’ interior. Last year, I installed TMI’s Headrest Conversion Kit on my front seats, and they look and function great. While I had my door panels off, I installed Door Lock Rod Grommets from a 1969-1973 Ford Mustang. If your familiar with the original plastic grommets, then you know they break and rattle often. The later ones are metal with felt linings. They have to be crimped on, and are easy to install on removable upper door panels on the 1969-1973 Mustangs. Obviously, there are no upper panels on 1968 and earlier Mustangs to remove. I made a simple tool with a bolt, nut and some washers. As you can see by the picture, you will use it to crimp the grommets onto your door. Before installing, make sure you crimp the tabs outward slightly. It’s a tight fit, so if you have big hands it might be difficult. Once they’re in place, you will never have a rattle again.

As far as the door panel removal and installation, they’re pretty easy to do. However, if your door panels are in good shape, be careful when removing. You don’t want to pull your door panels by hand. You’ll destroy the cardboard backings. They make door panel removal tools, but I like to use a long flat blade screwdriver. Start with the upper front corner, and carefully pry each clip from behind. Other than that, they’re easy to install. I like the look of the new Door Panels and Inside Door Handles.

All Parts were purchased from Scott Drake Enterprises.

  • 1966 Mustang 2 Tone Door Panels (red/black) C6ZZ-65239423-VS2
  • 1966 Mustang Satin Interior Door Handle Set – KIT-DH-4
  • 1966 Mustang Satin Door Lock Knobs – C5DZ-6221850-A
  • 1969-1973 Door Lock Rod Grommets D0DZ-6221999-AR
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