Installing Billet Pedals on a 1967 Mustang Eleanor

I  just installed a set of Billet Pedals from Scott Drake Enterprises (aka Drake Automotive Group), and these are best pedal I’ve seen yet. These aren’t thin billet covers, nor are they universal. These pedals are CNC machined specifically for Classic Mustangs. The clutch and brake pedals are machined to fit snuggly over the pedal bases. As a result, you do not have to worry about installing them crooked. I ordered a stock gas pedal and hardware to mount the billet cover on to it, but it was not needed. The gas pedal is a complete CNC assembly to fit the gas pedal rod like the stock OE pedal. The gas pedal bolt is machined also, and comes with hardware for the other pedals. Use the Billet pedals as a template, and drill the holes through your pedal bases. It’s as simple as that. I’ve  avoided putting Billet parts on my 1966 Mustang, but I might have to get a set.

Part Numbers:

65-68 Gas Pedal:  C5ZZ-9732-DBL

65-68 Clutch Pedal:  C5ZZ-7A624-BBL

65-68 Manual Brake Pedal:  C5ZZ-2457-GBL

65-68 Gas Pedal Spring:  C5ZZ-9760-B

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