1965 Mustang GT Coupe Restoration – Part 2

Since the arrival of all the interior parts, the restoration has progressed a lot. The engine, suspension, steering, brakes, and rear end have been installed. The TKO 600 transmission is left for the drive train. The engine is a Ford 302, and has been stroked to a 331 CID built by JBA Performance Center. The engine has been dyno’d at over 400 foot pounds of torque at the flywheel.  The suspension is a 1 inch drop Grab a Trak kit, and steering is a new power steering kit from Borgeson. The brakes are Wilwood 4 Piston Calipers, and a Stainless Steel Dual Master Cylinder with Booster. The rear end is a Currie 9 inch with 3.83 gears. The wheels are 20 inch Torque Thrust II’s. I also finished assembly of the front and rear exterior section of the Mustang. I’m currently converting the interior a 2 tone red and white Pony Interior. I pulled the doors off to make it easier to convert the doors to Pony Interior with factory doors speakers.  For those of you planning to install Pony Door Courtesy Lights, Ford was nice enough to leave dimples on the door and door jamb to drill for the harness.  I also applied POR15 Rust Treatment to the inside bottom of the doors. Mustangs were notorious for rusting out in the corners. The floor pans and under dash were completely treated with POR15 as well, and then were re- seemed sealed.  The customer wanted the interior to be as quite as possible, so I laid down Hush Mat which is similar to Dynamat. I will post part 3 when the dash is together. Stay Tuned!

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