Custom Autosound Radio Install On A 1966 Ford Mustang

At JBA Performance Center, I just installed a stereo system from Custom Auto sound. The customer wanted to have a modern stereo system, but wanted it to look factory. The old stereo was a Clarion Unit, and the dash was cut up to fit the head unit. Cutting the dash to fit an aftermarket stereo is very common. Unfortunately, the stock radio openings on 1965 – 1966 Mustangs are a part of the steel dash, so a new radio face has to welded in when damaged. The radio face repair was performed by John Guilmet from Hotrod Hell at JBA. Custom Autosound offers a radio (USA 66) that looks just like the AM-FM stereos offered in 1966. The all new units have USB, iPod, CD, and Sirius Satellite options built in. They offer the cable interfaces separately for each option. The customer opted for the iPod kit. Speaker kick panels (160w Pioneer) and in-dash speaker (140w) from Custom Autosound were installed, and flush mounted rear speakers from Pioneer (300w 6×9)

Jon Guilmet from Hot Rod Hell helped by welding in the new radio face plate. Since the dash had to be re-painted, the customer wanted to replace the dash knobs, heater control panel, and the cardboard glove box insert from Scott Drake Automotive Group. After the radio face was finished off, I re-painted the dash and steering column to the original semi gloss finish. I like to dry sand before the final coats for a smoother finish.

I then pulled the 5 1/2 inch speaker and the old rear package, and carefully placed them in the garbage can. The old speakers were not even screwed down. I like to mount the speakers from underneath, so they are completely flush. Then, I covered the package tray with matching speaker material, so the speakers are heard but not seen. Lastly, I ran the iPod interface cable under the console. There was already a hole on the side of the console, so it was a convenient to run the cable out from there. That’s it! Modern sound without the modern look.

Parts List:

Custom Autosound – Radio – USA 66
Custom Autosound – In Dash Speaker DVC 3001
Custom Autosound – Speaker Kick Panels – PIO-KMC-1
Pioneer – 6×9 Speakers – TS-A6972R
Scott Drake – 65-66 Dash Knob Kit – C5ZZ-10852-K
Scott Drake – 65-66 Heater Control Plate – C5ZZ-18A651
Scott Drake – 65-66 Heater Control Knobs – C5DZ-18519-K
Scott Drake – 65-66 Radio Face Patch Panel – C5ZZ-6504360-PP
Scott Drake – 65-68 Rear Package Tray – C5ZZ-6546656
Scott Drake – 65-66 Semi-Gloss Black Laquer – L-946
Scott Drake – 65-66 Glove Box Insert – C5ZZ-6506010-A

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