Ford Mustang, Falcon, Mercury Cougar, and Chevy Electrical Services

Your Classic car is evaluated to see what your power needs are, before selecting the right electrical system. If you want to keep your car all original, then an OE harness is all you need. If you want to add a few aftermarket accessories later, then I can add new circuits without ruining your harness. If you want a harness with modern circuit protection, and accommodate modern accessories, than an aftermarket harness would suit your needs. I like to use Painless and Ron Francis, and either would be chosen depending on the amount of circuits you need.

Electrical Services

  • Complete OE wiring harness replacement
  • Complete Aftermarket wiring harness replacement
  • Instrument gauge restoration (You’re gauges will look awesome, and brighter at night)
  • Exterior lighting repair and replacement
  • Horn and turn signal switch replacement (They’re the same switch)
  • Custom relays to directly to power various circuits directly from the battery
  • LED lighting
(Your old wiring is too old. It is time to let it go. I will not repair old wiring. It is a disaster waiting to happen.)

Note:  I’m picky with parts. If I would not put it on my car, I will not put it on yours. Parts suppliers love me. I’ll send parts back more than once if necessary.


B.A.R. Lic# 267732